F.A.Q Title
I'm an artist, why would I sign up for this?
Well, I'm offering you a portrait session I'd normally charge over £500 for, for free, and I'm signing over most of the IP rights for the images. If that isn't reason enough, then consider that as this project grows it might be a nice publicity bump for yourself and the gallery you sell through.
Why just the UK?
Just a practicality!  If the concept generates support that will allow travel further afield, I’ll be happy to increase the radius – but we’re not there yet.
How is the project funded?
I accept donations through my Patreon page and sell merchandise via my Redbubble store. When that isn’t enough, I dig deep in my own pockets - as you might well imagine, I encourage Patreon signups whenever I can!
What if this really takes off, what if we get swamped?
Well, we'll form an orderly queue, organised by region so I can focus on multiple people in a given region over a given time period. 
What happens on the day?
On the day we’ll spend a little time together so that I can get to know you and your work better before we dive into the portrait session. I usually bring an audio recorder to help me remember who said what later when I do a write up.
As you can tell it’s not a going to be wrapped up in a half an hour, so I’d recommend you leave a few hours free, up to around four hours.
One thing to note before I go.
Before I leave you after the portrait session I’ll ask you to sign off on a release form that says that a) you are allowed to use the images in perpetuity, personally or commercially. Also b) that I am allowed to use the images on the project website, on my Patreon page, and to exhibit my work in galleries or museums. There will be tick boxes so you can also say yes or no to me using your images in promotional material for the project (i.e. a digital banner ad, a magazine article, or on my Patreon merchandise).  I will never distribute your image on social media without express permission on a per use basis.
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