Getting Involved
You can get involved in two ways. You might be an artist who is a candidate for a portrait, in which case see below for more information on how that works. 
Or, if you may be a patron who supports the project with a small donation.
Support the project, become a patron
You can get involved simply by becoming a supporter, or patron, of the project. This means you donate to the project via my Patreon page. You can donate from as little as a £4 per month and by doing so you will fund me interviewing and photographing more artists from around the country. In return you’ll get exclusive access to images and behind the scenes details.
Being a Candidate - The Criteria
To be a participant in the ‘Artist Unknown’ project, you simply need to be a professional artist living in, or visiting, the United Kingdom.
What do I mean by artist?
Well, I am most definitely not qualified to tell someone if what they do is art or not, so the criteria I’ve decided on is that, for this project, you should be using a visual or performing medium to engage the senses and evoke an emotional or communicative reaction.
This intentionally loose definition covers everyone from a painter creating or restoring frescos at one end, through any permutation of the visual arts including sculpture, pottery or ceramics, jewellery making, textiles. And, although I envisaged this project as an exploration of the visual arts today, the criteria is just as valid for the performing arts where a singer/dancer/musician can be equally included with the same definition.
What do I mean by professional?
Well, at its crudest, professional in this context means you are making an income from your work; maybe you sell in a local or national high street gallery, maybe you are selling direct on an ecommerce site (such as Etsy). It’s fine by me whatever it is. But, where you sell your work will be part of the write up so I’ll need to know which gallery, website or ecommerce site.
If you do not sell your work, but instead produce it for or donate it to or for a charity, that’s also fine, just let us know which charity.
If you are an arts student, that on its own is not enough; however if you’re an arts student who is selling or donating their work in the above ways, then great.
Where do I Sign Up?
Right here, just send me a message with the below form and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able.
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